Proposal for Silhouette Project

  • What social issue will you illustrate?
  • I want to illustrate the issue of how society pressures those who are transgender into never transitioning into the gender that they believe that they are, and just staying unhappy instead
  • If this is currently a contentious issue, what side/argument of this issue will your artwork portray?
  • It’s not really going to display a side but more convey the struggle for the person that is balanced between societal standards and happiness in their own bodies
  • What imagery (figures, environment, props/accessories) will your artwork contain?
  • I’m going to do the “three figures” (one of the drawings may be a crowd) but I also want to break the frame somewhat by having the person in the middle involved in all three of the frames
  • What will be happening in your artwork?
  • there will be a person in the middle (the person struggling with being transgender) on the right side is going to be the silhouette of the person that they want to be and on the left is going to be “society” which is going to be dragging the person in the middle towards them

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